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What Phase of Career Are You In?

new grad  |  career climber  |  seasoned professional

Career phases have unique challenges.


Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure what your next steps could be? 

Are you wondering if investing in professional services would be worthwhile? 

Are you confused about how a career coach might help you?




Reduce the challenges moving forward


Let’s eliminate the confusion and reduce the challenges moving forward to make a strategic career plan and targeted resume. Career conversations, assessments, and guided labour market research will help us design, your unique plan.


Share my powerful, diverse network


Twenty years of experience as a resume specialist, respected HR Professional, and national award-winning career counsellor will benefit you.


Along with that experience, I have developed a powerful and diverse network of:


  1. Clients who have successfully transitioned in their career

  2. Fellow entrepreneurs, small business owners, and key employees working in large corporations

  3. Dynamic and progressive Human Resource Professionals well positioned in businesses and municipalities


Leave your worries for me


Through our conversations, guided research and expertise, we will work together to ensure you move forward with your career plan, build a targeted resume, and interview with confidence, leaving a memorable impression.


Every contact has benefited from business knowledge, intuition, career transition strategies, and Human Resources expertise.


Change Your Job, Change Your Life

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