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Trailing Partner Program

Your New Hire’s Partner Deserves a Successful Career Transition

Enhance your Employment Offer with a specialized Trailing Partner Program that offers your new hire’s loved one career transition success. 


A Trailing Partner Program is designed to be a win-win-win for employers who are concerned about attracting new talent and retaining their re-located talent. 


Dual income earning families is the norm with 61.1 percent of Canadian families having both parents employed. That means when one person is offered a job requiring relocation, it’s often a mixed blessing. While an opportunity for a new position offers an exciting change to one person, the other partner can be left jobless in an unfamiliar community, with no connections, network or prospects.


This is an employer paid service that should be offered in the earliest stages of recruitment to help attract top talent and enhance your employer brand.  As an HR professional I will work with you to help you determine what will best support your talent acquisition efforts.

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