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New Grads

Are you at the foothills of the career mountain and unsure of how to reach the top?

We work with high school, college, and university graduates to develop personal career paths that will get you experience in the career you want.


Discover your strengths, evolve your experience, and realize the benefits of what you have to offer.

Begin your employment ascent with a service package unique to your needs.


"My job hunting experience was very stressful....until I met Gayle. Being on the hunt for so long I was exhausted and feeling quite pessimistic. After my first session with Gayle I felt reinvigorated and much more confident. She gave me the direction and support that I desperately needed. She helped me with everything from coming up with great interview answers to showing me ways I could substantially improve my resume. I was even able to contact her before a big interview so she could help me brainstorm ideas on how to impress the interviewer.

My biggest regret is not meeting with her much, much earlier. My advice to anyone looking for a job or even just general career help is to start working with Gayle immediately."

- Jacob Hamner


"Gayle and I had three sessions together.  Through our discussions and the knowledge she shared, Gayle has helped to provide me with a humanistic and professional framework within which I can happily work and live in the present while making plans and decisions for the future.  There will be more sessions to come!"

- Matthew Fuller


As a recent college graduate with an infant, I was overwhelmed with the prospect of finding employment in my new field. Gayle's warm and welcoming nature instantly put me at ease and her confidence in my abilities gave me the encouragement I needed to take that first crucial step.  


With Gayle's help and expertise, I was able to connect with an employer that has allowed me to develop a very satisfying career with great opportunities.  Eight years later, Gayle continues to provide support by simply keeping in touch and taking an interest in my career growth.

- Sheena Eddington


Gayle proved effective in identifying my strengths for my résumé and my interviews, and was able to help focus my efforts for my job search as I moved across the country. Thanks again!"

- D’arcy Crane

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