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Established Professionals

Are you approaching the peak and ready for input on the last leg of the journey that takes you there?


Rediscover and appreciate the huge basket of skills you have gathered from your past life experiences through work, volunteering, family, and recreational activities.

Secure your footing to climb onward.


“I have worked with Gayle for a little over 12 months while transitioning from employee to business owner. We covered all sorts of ground, initially looking at considerations toward new employment, but then switching focus to setting up my own consulting services business. Throughout she has proven herself to be a very knowledgeable, flexible and talented as a professional coach and mentor. She has provided me a basis of accountability while getting up and running, also encouraging me to seek out local support and training based on her extensive network. Although my program is now complete I will without question keep in contact with Gayle both as a friend and mentor.”

—  Andrew Bird, Entrepreneur, Futurologies Consulting


"Gayle has been a significant mentor throughout my professional career. Gayle has many qualities where she is able to encourage and promote her clients to empower themselves to prepare for next steps and transitions, with the confidence that they have made informed decision throughout their progress.


Gayle has encouraged me through countless conversions, and meaningful suggestions, to where she knows I can follow through with ease, to get to the next step in the process. The level of confidentiality and trust that Gayle upholds is second to none. Gayle has endless up to date resources and recommendations that make her approach very effective and sincere."

—  Jennipher Stork-Ryerse


"Gayle is highly principled and has a commitment to integrity and equity while providing strength and support to those around her.  She balances these characteristics with warmth and a sense of fun.  You can expect exceptional client care and service and to be supported with integrity, respect and empathy.  Gayle is consistent in her effective communication style, quality of work and how she applies her skills as a Human Resource Professional.

Right from the start, Gayle impressed me with her efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results I was looking for.  Gayle gets it. She has the ability to sift through all the disjointed thoughts and identify the critical message that needs to be delivered."

- Kim Willis


Gayle has a wonderful gift of helping to see the job potential ahead and helps you navigate the steps to get you there.


When your career road has changed or seems uncertain, Gayle offers a positive comfortable and realistic affirmation of your skill set and guides you toward options to consider your next plan. Gayle is connected and informed and lets you take the lead in possibilities to pursue to make you as marketable as you can be.


- Nina Koniuch, Chair of Nursing, Seneca College


"Dear Gayle,

I want to thank you for all your expertise with writing my resume. It gave me some positive results with my job search.


I also want to mention that the one hour of interview coaching was invaluable and absolutely prepared me for my interviews. That process gave me a lot of confidence that carried through during the interviews.


Thank you so much"

- Valerie Scott


"Gayle is a very dedicated professional that delivers results, is fun to work with, and helps deal with the stress of finding the next career. Going through this process, she has helped me to focus and to stay positive. She confirmed my strengths, and pointed out areas to improve.

Thank you Gayle for your continued support and your dedication to helping others."


— Joe Van Der Vecht

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