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Career Climbers

Ready to engage change and plan your career strategy to move higher on your career climb?


Evaluate your knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences. Discover how your strengths fit in the ever-changing labour market?

Get a foothold to climb higher with a service package that will accelerate your career.


I reached out to Gayle when I began my job search in Collingwood. I was new to the area and was struggling to figure out where my skill set could fit. I was also seeking clarity and purpose in my job search. I had been looking to make a change for some time, but was feeling apprehensive and insecure. From the beginning, Gayle made me feel comfortable and more confident about putting myself into the job market. She immediately provided me with structure and guidelines that helped me organize for the work required in finding a new job. She has a wealth of knowledge and connections and was always available for a conversation. Gayle consistently follows through with her commitments. She is truly committed to giving her clients her best.

My sessions with Gayle boosted my spirits and my conviction that change is possible if the right kind of work and energy goes into it. Gayle encouraged me to apply for jobs that I didn’t believe I was qualified for. She guided me through the interview process using questions she tailored for specific positions. I felt far more prepared and confident walking into my interviews as a result. After a few short months, I was able to obtain a new and exciting position in my community. I am absolutely confident that Gayle can help anyone looking to make a change or better manage the careers they currently have. She is an excellent collaborator and takes a genuine interest in her client’s success. I look forward to her continued support in my career journey.

- Jackie Paduano, Public Relations Manager,

former CBC News Producer


For me, working with Gayle Draper feels like turning on a light-bulb in a dark room.


Gayle has provided strength, wisdom and honesty that have aligned my own achievements and beliefs with true growth throughout my entrepreneurial journey, as well as my career advancement. Intelligence, wisdom and kindness are the qualities that describe Gayle, but words cannot describe the positive personal journey that occurs when Gayle touches your life.

- Tracey Strnad, Producer Mountain Goat Films, Marketing Specialist

Getting to know Gayle has been a pleasure both personally and professionally. She challenges me to think differently, consider my career path from a new perspective and embrace my strengths. I’m inspired and excited to see what’s next on the journey.

- Jacquie Little, Manager,

Human Resources and Labour Relations

- Catharine Frith

"I have known Gayle for over fifteen years as a dynamic community partner. I have had the privilege of working with her as well as utilizing the huge amount of resources that she has available at her fingertips.


Gayle is highly qualified with over ten of years of experience in the HR field, particularly serving the small business community.  During the time that I have known Gayle she has always kept a very high moral standard in her relationships with people, partners and government funders."


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