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Interview Coaching to Ensure Your Success

There are different goals to each interview type and different types of questions to prepare for.


  1. Phone screen

  2. One on One with a Hiring Manager

  3. One on One with Human Resources

  4. Panel

  5. Committee 

  6. Teleconferencing 

  7. Behavioural

  8. Group

  9. Lunch or Coffee

  10. The Recruiter 

  11. The Dynamic Duo

  12. Digital 


Does the thought of an interview create stress and anxiety for you? Or, if you are still feeling unsure, experiencing doubt and wanting confirmation you are on the right track, call me and book interview coaching sessions. 

Coaching Session Process 

  1. Receive your workbook

  2. Book your Coaching Sessions

  3. Win the Interview

Call me to book your sessions to express your value proposition, build your skill sets, and master those challenging question that are unique to you and your situation.


Before I started working with Gayle, my job search wasn’t going anywhere. I had chosen to take a Gap Year after graduating from University. I had been off work for a year and it was proving to be a big obstacle.  We worked together to target my job search to find companies in the Hidden Job Market and to find specific roles that worked with my degree. This helped me to discover what I was specifically interested in and we continued to build a strategy. Gayle also helped me to improve my resume, cover letter, and online presence through LinkedIn.  

When I got an interview, Gayle was there to coach me through the entire process. She helped me to understand what employers are looking for and how to put my best forward when answering difficult interview questions. The Work Book really organized my answers, helped me to understand the different types of questions and what my value proposition was for each individual employer. 


Job hunting can be a stressful task, but Gayle’s industry knowledge gave me the ability to take control of my career.


- Chris Boucquey -