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Give Yourself the Gift of Time This Season

Gifts always look wonderful from the outside, as they are colourful and effectively displayed. The content that is inside them should be what is really important to us.

It is your brand that sets you up for current and future employment success. Your brand is like one of those shiny boxes and we want a guarantee to be bought. A great looking resume with all the right words, a LinkedIn profile looking professional and from the outside looking very enticing. What is inside is the question your next employer will ask? Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Are you happy in the role you are performing?

Is your job giving you intellectual, creative and social opportunities for growth each day? It should and if it doesn't put together a plan to have you and your role evolve. A career strategy that is vertical, horizontal or lattice is the best gift you can give to yourself.

Do you like where you work?

Culture has never been more diverse and critical to our daily work-life. Is your work environment letting you share a smile and some laughter throughout the day and encouraging your emotional wellbeing? Get involved with creating a fun committee or social club that encourages all to participate, share food, social and recreational opportunities.

Do you enjoy the work day and your daily duties?

Not everyone likes variety, change and action in their daily duties. Know yourself well with some professional assessments so you understand your work style, preferences and strengths to give you direction and clarity of how you like to work. Complete a values and interests assessment. It will help you to become a happier person, impactful team member and help your to manage your stress better so you will look forward to the workday.

Do you see your future where you presently work?

Unwrap things a bit and think about what is inside the package, not just the wrapping. Have a date with yourself getting to know your work preferences and strengths and the package inside will be better positioned, more resilient, happier, fulfilled and grateful.

Share the amazing gift of you and your uniqueness with yourself first, and you will be sold out before you know it.


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